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Bayard Attorneys and Paralegals Participate in the Delaware Military Academy’s Seminar Series on Careers in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

Bayard attorneys Justin Alberto, Elizabeth Rocco, and Vanessa Tiradentes are participating in the Delaware Military Academy’s (DMA) month long seminar series regarding careers in criminal justice and law enforcement. Bayard paralegal Tiffany Matthews is also participating and has secured the participation of several paralegals from the Delaware Paralegal Association. Bayard’s attorneys and paralegals will talk with DMA cadets about working in a private practice law firm. The DMA’s seminar series includes presentations by city, state, and federal police; lawyers, paralegals, and judges; security and correctional officers, crime scene investigators, and the District Attorney’s office.

The mission of the Delaware Military Academy is to prepare young men and women for their next level of education and to provide them with a foundation that leads to good citizenship. In addition, we will furnish them with a healthy mental and physical environment with military training as a requisite for a better understanding of the obligations of citizenship and self-discipline and to afford them opportunities for proper social activities and exposure to moral ideals. Bayard attorney Douglas Hershman serves on the DMA’s board of directors. For more information about DMA, click here.

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