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Bayard Director Charlene D. Davis Instrumental in Establishing the Federal Re-entry Court Legal Assistance Program in the District of Delaware

Working with the United States Federal Probation Office for the District of Delaware (Chief Probation Officer John Selvaggi) and Widener University School of Law (Professor Sydney Howe Barksdale), Bayard’s Charlene D. Davis formulated, and obtained approval from the Delaware State Board of Bar Examiners of an internship program for law students from Widener Law School with the Delaware Federal Probation. The program focuses in the first instance on providing legal assistance in civil matters to persons participating the United States District Court’s Federal Re-entry Court Program after serving a term of imprisonment. The program’s benefits will be available to other persons whose release from federal correctional facilities is supervised by the Delaware Federal Probation Office. Participating interns will learn about the federal justice system under the supervision of  Mr. Selvaggi and Professor Barksdale. The legal assistance that they provide to persons in the Re-entry Court Program or on supervised release will be overseen by Ms. Davis and other qualified members of the Delaware bar. The advice will relate matters such as traffic offenses, drivers licenses, housing, vocational licenses and child support. Many of these problems provide roadblocks to success on re-entry. Qualified interns will be able appear in Delaware state courts on these matters, under the supervision of attorneys admitted to the Delaware State Bar.

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