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Bayard Moves into Newly Renovated Space and Gives Back in the Process

A bright new, airy reception area greets you when you step off the elevator of the 4th floor at 600 N. King Street, otherwise known as Courthouse Square. This is Bayard, P.A.’s new office. The firm, known for high-profile bankruptcy and litigation cases, traded its prior traditional office décor for a more contemporary style and its prior location for one in closer proximity to all of the courthouses that its attorneys frequent. “We are excited to bring a fresh new, contemporary look to our office space. The goal is to create a fun and functional work environment that our attorneys and staff will love to come to every day,” said Steve Brauerman, a Director at Bayard.

During the process of planning the move, Bayard identified a distinctive way to “give back” to the legal and greater civic community. It offered Delaware Volunteer Legal Services (DVLS) furniture that it did not plan to use in its new space. With the donated furniture, DVLS was able to refurnish more than 8 offices, a conference room, file room and reception area.

DVLS is extremely appreciative of the gift.  “This is the first time in DVLS history (since we incorporated in 1981 and started taking cases in 1982) that the attorneys and staff have changed office furniture.  The majority of our budget is directed to the provision of pro bono legal services to Delawareans who would not be able to afford representation.  Bayard’s gift has allowed us to continue to use our funds towards that goal, but also to have professional workspaces.” Janine Howard O’Rangers, Executive Director, Delaware Volunteer Legal Services, Inc.

“Deciding to donate the office furniture to DVLS was an easy decision for us. We are proud to support its efforts and are aware of the organization’s budget constraints. We know they devote countless resources to helping so many in Delaware, so it was rewarding to help with this unique donation.”  Neil Glassman, Bayard’s Chairman added.


About DVLS

DVLS is an organization of volunteer attorneys who assist low-income clients in a variety of areas. In addition to the volunteer attorneys, it staffs a full office of staff attorney’s, paralegals, legal assistants, etc. DVLS has been in existence for more than 30 years. It depends solely on grants and donations to operate. Bayard Director, Kara Swasey sits on the Board of Directors for the organization.


To contribute to the Combined Campaign for Justice to further support DVLS and the other pro bono legal service agencies in Delaware click here.


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