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Ian McCauley Talks eDiscovery with Law360

In a recent interview with Rose Krebs, Bayard director Ian McCauley discusses the ins and out of the eDiscovery process, the challenges faced as technology is constantly growing and evolving, the specific issues that counsel need to keep in mind when practicing in the Court of Chancery, as well as litigants concerns surrounding the scope and expense of discovery.

Ian is a part of Bayard’s litigation group and the firm’s growing eDiscovery practice. His practice is focused on electronic discovery from the anticipation to the conclusion of litigation. He has significant experience advising litigants in the Court of Chancery, Superior Court, District Court, and Bankruptcy Court on making defensible, efficient, and strategic decisions regarding the preservation, collection, and production of electronically stored information (ESI). He routinely consults with clients on document preservation and collection strategies; negotiates with opposing parties regarding the scope of document collection, review, and production; manages large-scale reviews of ESI for both internal investigative and litigation purposes; and argues discovery-related motions in the various Delaware courts.

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