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Kara Swasey Participates in Governor’s Roundtable

On October 9, 2018, Kara Swasey, a director in Bayard’s family law group, participated in a round table discussion at the Delaware Public Archives lead by Chief Judge Michael Newell of the Delaware Family Court about the Family Court Enhancement Project (“FCEP”). FCEP was a grant-based project that sought to study and improve outcomes for litigants in the Delaware Family Court facing disputes related to custody and domestic violence. Participants in the discussion included Governor John Carney, Supreme Court Justice Collin J. Sietz, the Honorable Arlene Minus Coppadge, the Honorable LuAnn Vari, the Honorable Jennifer B. Ranji, the Honorable Janelle Ostroski, the Honorable Andrew Southmayd, and a number of community stakeholders and domestic violence advocates within and outside of the Family Court who have worked on the project. Ms. Swasey served as a member of the FCEP management team and worked on a number of subcommittees within the project.
WMDT (47 ABC) was onsite covering the story. Click here to learn more about the Family Court Enhancement Project and the Governor’s Roudtable.

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