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Working Together Can Potentially Reduce Local Organizations’ Insurance Costs


Fred C. Sears II, President & CEO, Delaware Community Foundation; Richard F. Klumpp, President & CEO, Wilmington Trust SP Services, Inc.; Karen Weldin Stewart, Delaware Insurance Commissioner, State of Delaware; Marla H. Norton, Director, Bayard, P.A. and Neil B. Glassman, Director, Bayard, P.A. at the captive insurance presentation to nonprofit organizations.

Officials from Wilmington Trust and the Wilmington law firm Bayard joined the Delaware Community Foundation to introduce local nonprofit organizations to the concept of working together to reduce their insurance costs at a September 29 event held at the Community Service Building in Wilmington.

Representatives from First State’s nonprofit organizations were introduced to the concept of establishing a captive, a bona fide insurance company whose business is supplied and controlled by its owners, most likely those principally insured. Using a captive insurer is a risk management technique which, in its simplest form, involves a business or group forming an insurance company subsidiary to handle some or all of the risk exposure that would otherwise be insured through traditional third party insurance.

“We believe that the nonprofits in Delaware could benefit in a number of different ways from the establishment of a captive,” cited Richard F. Klumpp, President and CEO of Wilmington Trust SP Services, Inc., one of the presenters. “While ultimately very similar to self insurance, if structured properly a captive may provide significant risk management, enhanced cash flow and other ancillary tax benefits when compared to ‘pure’ self insurance.”

In her opening remarks, presenter Bayard Director Marla H. Norton noted, “We know that these are difficult economic times for nonprofits and wanted to open a dialogue with local nonprofit organizations to explore whether captive insurance might be a solution to help them, or certain segments or groups within the nonprofit community, manage their insurance needs in the face of rising insurance costs.”

For more information about establishing a captive for Delaware’s nonprofit organizations, please contact Marla Norton by calling (302) 429-4214 or email or Richard Klumpp by calling (302) 651-8356 or

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