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Court of Chancery Revises Rules To Take Effect January 1, 2015

By Sara E. Bussiere

The Delaware Court of Chancery announced yesterday that it has updated several of its rules, many of which incorporate standing orders that the Court has entered over the past several years. The revision process, spearheaded by the Rules Committee, began in September 2012 . In addition to incorporating existing standing orders into the Rules, the Court also adopted other revisions, which include “modernizing the verification language in Rule 3, updating and unifying the procedure for mediation in cases before the Court, including cases mediated by a judicial officer, adopting a new procedure for appointment of a guardian ad litem in trust cases, and adopting a new rule governing court interpreters for indigent parties with limited English proficiency.” Finally, the Court adopted new operating procedures, which may be accessed at

The new rules will take effect January 1, 2015. A copy of the press release is available here.

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