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Superior Court of Delaware Launches Complex Commercial Litigation Division (CCLD)

Delaware has always been on the forefront of business litigation, and the creation of the Complex Commercial Litigation Division (CCLD) provides yet another venue for such cases. Beginning May 1, 2010, there will be a new division in the Superior Court to handle complex commercial and business litigation in Delaware.

Pursuant to Administrative Directive No. 2010-3, commercial, business and other designated cases may be assigned to the CCLD when (1) the controversy amount is one million dollars or greater, (2) the case involves an exclusive choice of court agreement, or (3) the case is designated by the President Judge for assignment as a CCLD case. The cases will be specifically assigned to a judge on the Complex Commercial Litigation Division Panel (the “CCLD Panel”). The CCLD Panel will be appointed by the President Judge from among the Judges of the Superior Court, and each judge on the CCLD Panel will serve a term of three years. Judges Fred S. Silverman, Joseph R. Slights, III, and Jan R. Jurden, all of whom have extensive experience handling commercial matters, will make up the first CCLD Panel.

The CCLD Panel will be establishing uniform procedures and Case Management forms for cases that are assigned to the CCLD, which will be posted on the newly-created CCLD section of the Court’s website.

Click here for a copy of the Administrative Directive of the President Judge of the Superior court of the State of Delaware, No. 2010-3.

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