Bayard Transactional attorneys:

  • handle a wide variety of business-related matters for clients ranging from small businesses to large national and multi-national corporations.
  • understand the key features of Delaware law that can be incorporated into contracts to benefit the parties, and frequently advise out-of-state lawyers on matters of Delaware contract law.
  • draft and review business contracts for clients in a variety of industries, ranging from information technology and software development to manufacturing and construction.


Since 2001, when the Uniform Commercial Code was revised to provide for lien perfection by filing a UCC-1 in the place of a business entity’s formation, the use of Delaware law as the governing law in secured lending transactions has increased.  Bayard routinely advises clients regarding:

Guarantees by Delaware affiliated entities

Secured lending transactions, including asset-based financing, with Delaware entities

Stock pledges

Security interests in limited liability company member interests

Security in general and limited partnership interests

The effect of Delaware’s nonstandard provisions on the validity of a pledge or security interest from an entity where its organizational documents contain restrictions on transfer

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